Proposal on my Community Engagement Reporting.

Jocelyn a resident of downtown Los Angeles and Latina has already received her first dose of the vaccine without any hesitation after being sick from COVID. She works with children with autism and wishes to go back in the field and back to these homes where she can observe and help these parents and children.

How I plan on doing this community engagement is to go out safely to downtown Los Angeles and ask people to do a toll and interview them regarding the topic. The Piñata District is a fully crowded place to start my research. I have visited recently and the traffic there has slowed down due to the pandemic. But it is enough for me to gather the information I need for this project. From the research I have done, what has been done is by interviewing people either through zoom or in person. I had the privilege of meeting Jocelyn Zamora a 29-year-old born and raised Angeleno.

I plan to engage with her again through zoom and interview her on this topic. Reading and taking ideas from the Listening Post Collective has given me the knowledge of how to produce a successful survey in the community. Provided me the knowledge on how to trim and ask the correct question to the people I will be visiting.

I think using Google Surveys will make it easier for people to use and to understand and will provide a safer interview during these unpredicted times. I will collect contact information from people who are willing to do so, so I can possibly set up a zoom interview with them.

What I enjoyed the most from seeing these engaged reporting lists, is the LAist form of gathering and collecting data from their parenting article. I think using a tactic like that will also be interesting on having these few people take pictures of their day-to-day lives during COVID and what their inner community looks like. It will be an interesting and engaging article to view and read, just like how LAist did for that story.

Some of the topics that were brought up in my comments from my Community Data Research are the issue of household size and how minority groups are more vulnerable to COVID due to their living conditions on size and not being able to properly quarantine themselves.

Applying the Listening Post methods really helped shape my questions I will be asking to get the answers I will need. Some of the questions that I will be asking are, Are you afraid of the vaccine after witnessing many people of color are not going to receive it, or are hesitant?

The format that I will use for this story is photos and audio. I will really love to record my interviews and show pictures of the community and people taking my surveys if I intend to do one. One idea that I will really love to do and possibly see if it is possible is taking the idea that LAist did in handing out cameras to people and have them record their daily lives in the community.



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